All of We the People Deserve Similar Rights and Opportunities 

To fix a broken business, legal, and judicial system, we strive to limit .1% discrimination for all of We the People!

Many who have gone through many law courts, tried to open a new business, experienced a one-sided law or regulation, seen a few too many bank or scam business bail-outs or financial-industry scams, and/or have interacted with a one-sided business partner or organization have concluded that the "system" (legal, judicial, business, and/or financial)  often appears to act very one-sided.  Such one-sided or .1% discriminations by public figures may be viewed as placing excessive pressure on one side of the scales of justice, which is not only unconstitutional but also fraudulent.  While we strive to ensrue that our cleitns get expert service, we also largely focus on ensuring tht the scales of justice are level through the legal proceedings, ensuring that all who are going through a legal proceeding "get their day in court".  Many legal proceedingsw, and laws that are passed by U.S. Congress and State Legislatures, are far from being balanced and therefore do not provide fair justice.

More of We the People are thereby concluding that the systems are broken, fraudulent, skewed, or tilted to favor the very few.   So many of the laws passed through the U.S. Congress and State legislatures are so very one-sided, and tend to favor the very rich and powerful (.1% percent discrimination).  To fight this one-sided .1% discrimination, has "created" a new fourth oversight branch of Federal, State, and Local Government, called "We the People".  

The Constitution being the supreme law of the land, no person, organization, or inconsistent law or regulation is above the U.S. Constitution or the remainder of We the People.  With any one-sided .1% discriminatory law, the Federal and State Lawmaker (or whatever public figure was responsible therefore)  could be viewed as to having "sold out" the Constitutional rights of all of We the People arguably to some Special-money or political interests, since some clearly get preferential constitutional rights and opportunities compared to others. challenges many of these one-sided (evidently purposefully broken or .1% discriminatory) laws, regulations, court proceedings, and business operations. is intended and designed to be apolitical, and focuses on fighting corruption, fraud, etc. focuses on transforming operations from "my way or the highway" modes to "win-win" techniques to effectively level the different tilted or skewed systems.  As such, the private sector as well as public sector will almost certainly function function better.  Our focus on ethics, constitutional rights, and anti-fraudulent actions results in improving morale, performance, effectiveness, and efficiency of State and Federal Government institutions, and private sector companies and start-ups.  As such, we strive to equal the balances of justice to fight discrimination from one-sided Federal and State legal systems and laws.

Whether providing justice involves publicizing discriminatory actions; demonstrating to public figures how their actions might violates their Constitutional oaths; or even bringing criminal, Federal, or treasonous charges upon those who are .1% discriminating, then We the People will strive to promote constitutional and legal fairness, liberty, and legal equality among all of We the People.  If any public figure is not satisfying their oath to preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution (or applies their oath differently among different ones of We the People), then that public figure is not satisfying their job description for all of We the People.

As such, the following pages are intended to provide an illustration of how any of "We the People" can act to limit discriminations, and thus regain the "Government of the people, by the people, and for the people".  Hopefully, and the fourth branch of Government, "We the People" will be useful for any of the millions of We the People through the U.S. and also those We the Peoples abroad, who want to regain win-win techniques prevalent in democracies and the U.S. Constitution as compared to my-way or the highway as characteristics of totalitarian or despotic rules.  

Glenn Foster
Founder, IP and Constitutional Attorney, and Advocate for all of We the People and Multitech Synergies and  and

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